Tuesday, December 23, 2008


1. Do you think you’re hot?
nope, i don't think so, but i wish so

2. Upload your favorite picture of you!
i don't even hv a pic of me

3. Why do you like that picture?
i don't like any pic with me in it

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
can't rmb
5. The last song you listen to?
dunno also

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
i am being bored out of hell

7. What name would you prefer besides yours?
erm, dunno, sth cool
People to tag :
[Arranged in random order]
-no one

8. Who is number one?
no one

9. Number three is having a relationship with?
with many boys, jkjk

10. Say something about number four

11. Who is number two?
a guy called sebestian, he calls himself unknown

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So long no update T_T

And holidays are rly boring ......
Can some1 help me out?
If any1 wanna go out with frenz or wat invite me too k?

Contact me via MSN or my house phone

House phone
is 03-62802778
sry lah, i no phone T_T
MSN is r1a2t3c4h5e6t7@hotmail.com

And i don't care who that is...
I juz wanna go out

CAn u blif it?
I''m playing maple again.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Last Wave of Exams

The final exams. OMG It's here.
After the PMR hols , following week is the deadly most terrifying scary omgish ****ing worse than Osama bin Ladin Test.
How to live?
1 week to study
many subjexts to take
And I just found out today that PSV, Sivik, and PJK is included in the average. OMG
Die lorh. My sis juz now ask me to write my blog more about positive stuff. But can't think anything positive with the test clinging in my head. ARGH. Only 1 way

CHEAT!!!anyway, even if i can cheat, i nid to sit close to a smartass, RITE?

I wish best luck to all in my class except the following:

MunJo(think u can beat me lah huh?)
Christopher(if he get top 5 can get laptop weih)
Janet(top and smartest for the longest streak)
And some other ppl i don wanna mention
Nalah, just kidding lah, wish the best to all frenz and classmates and teacher marking our exams, hope they pity us and gv us more marks.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


OMG, my com crashed.. ARGH
The stupid laptop hard disc gone for good
All the files all gone, nid money to retrieve it.
All my songs gone GG.............. So dead!!!
Thx to me, I spoilt the com.
wanna know wat i did?
Well Let me Tell You


I kept doing it, off the laptop instantly, lazy to wait, and this is what happens.

So I am doomed...

Exam Results Out

Even if this happen quite awhile ago, I still wanna post this ^^
P.S: Not trying to be lansi, juz nth to post about.

I got 2nd in class, not like its shocking or anything.
Becos i copied Mun Jo's answer. SEJARAH ONLY!!!
And i don't think it rly helped much, but still got help, THX Mun Jo ^^

My average was like 83 or sth
and Chang Ming almost beat me. OMG
He damn smart, wat can I say?

Next exam gonna die cos I don't think I can copy anyone's since I am not sitting near anyone smart

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Days has passed...

So many days no post... again...
Thursday, teacher was so smart. Guess what she did, come on guess. give u choices.
What did Puan Chua do?
A. She gave us a lot hw
B. She scold us like shit
C. She make the project dateline earlier
D. She is just plain crazy!!!!!
(Plz guess 1st b4 u read on~)
I dunno if u guys got strain ur brain or not.
But you should be able to guess it right.
The answer is (C)
You guessed right, she ****ing make us pass up the freakin geography project on Friday. It was actually on Monday, but she change it. She's smart right? Isn't she? So I had to chiong like shit. Around 11 sth, I wanted to print but project got prob. So around 12 sth only print out. Afterthat still got a map to draw, and at 2 sth finally draw finish. I always stayed up this late, but not for some hw.
Actually, I haven't finish my project yet, but I was too lazy to do and wanted go sch continue.
On friday, reach sch kinda late. Then sejarah, teacher don let us do, so cant do lor, then Geo.DEADMEAT!!!
MunnKent thinking : " ops, die lorh, life end...Geo hw also no do."
Good thing by end of sch finish.

Aunt's marriage ^^

She got married ^^
woohoo. With a dude.
Wong Siew Mei <3 Lai Chee Yen
On saturday was dinner.
My mom made me wear jeans and a collar T-shirt(I hate em!!!)
And my sis wore a dress so funny, should show u but no pic TT
Food came b4 presentation, woot
But food okok lah.
Go back liao
next day go grandma house for the wedding traditions thingy
Play basketball
Eat breakfast
Play again
Play again
Take pics
Play again...
Eat lunch
Go back
Watch TV
Use com
Watch TV
Then Blog This Crap ^^ Long Story ...

No more liao, still read for wat?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random crap...

[a=1]Cħяǐŝ[c=0]ŧØþ[/c]ђз[c=0]R™[/c][/a] says:

Christopher wrote this to me, could he be in love with me?
just jk...


Since this post is about random stuff and crap, I shall fill this post with crap shit.

hmm...cant think off crap.ohya,

Lee Chong Wei lost. Malaysia no more gold medal.
Even though there seem to be many malaysian rooting for Chong Wei, i still prefer that Lindan win.Dunno y, but juz feel like dat.Anyway, the match was so dam boring. Chong Wei got owned, no excitement...

Err.. still got,ok got this pic from chris blog

okok, I know many iff you think that i am GAY now. Well, i am not, dunno how to prove it, so just believe me!!!
But just look how excited Chang Ming was, and how I looked when I was gonna kiss, OMG!!!
This sux, u guys are really gonna think I m gay.
Note:The msg above has been censored for multiple purposes.Mainly, too vulgar for little ones to see. P.S: this picture has been taken because we were JUST PLAYING A FOOL.

anymore crap?I dunno, guess thats all for now, k bye.